Combi Zyme-S - (Multi Enzyme Products)
Combi Zyme-S / Combi Zyme-spl - Combi-product of Multi-enzymes and Phytase.

Brief Product Information
Contents: Each Kg contains activities of 1Kg SupraZyme/ SupraZyme-Spl with amd 500gms of MicroPhos. (End product containing not less than 1250IU/g of Phytase activity).

Uses: For better feed utilization, reduction of loose droppings and better DCP replacement.

Suggested Usage: 500grams per ton of feed with DCP reduction and with or without modification of other nutrients. In case of diet modification, 75-100Kcal of ME per Kg, 0.5-0.75% of protein, 125g each of additional lysine and methionine can be replaced from the diet. Up to a maximum 4-6Kgs DCP in chicks, broilers and breeders, 6-8Kg in growers and 8-10Kg in layers. Precautions: Mixing is of utmost importance. Keep CombiZyme-S in a cool dry place. Keep the bag always closed.

Availability: 10Kg and 25Kg bag, 5KgrX5 bag, 5KgX10 drum.