Essential E-Se Combination with Biotin & C

Brief Product Information
Contents: Each gram / ml contains Vitamiin E 100mg, Selenium, 200 mg, Biotin 10mcg, Vitamin C 100mg with antioxidants and stabilizers.

Uses: To jack up metabolism and productivity. To reduce stress and enhance immunity. For better response to regular vaccines.

Suggested Usage: 25 grams of MicroPh5g / 5mlper 50-200 birds depending on age, type and condition of birds. Or 200g per ton of feed. Aquaculture: Mix 10g/ 10ml of Evitol-Se in 30ml of cooking oil/ fish oil and apply on to feed pellets, dry and broadcast. In livestock animals administer 5-25 g /ml per animal per day making a bolus with about 25-50gms of oilcake and 10 ml of oil. Or as recommended by the veterinarian.

Availability: 1ltr containers X 10 CB. 200g, 500g and 1Kg pouches. 25Kg drums.