Vitamin AD3EC with B12 & Selenium

Brief Product Information
Contents: Each 5 ml contains Vitamin A 60000IU, Vitamin D3 6000IU, Vitamin E 100mg, Vitamin B12 100mcg, Vitamin C, 100mg, Selenium 10ppm, with antioxidants and stabilizers.

Uses: To maintain productivity and health in high producing animals and birds. As a supplement to fill up nutritional gaps. During debeaking, detoeing, shifting, vaccination, convalescence etc.

Suggested Usage: 2.5-10ml per 100birds – depending on age, type and condition. Aqualculture – Mix 10ml of Favisol-ADEC in 3-4 egg yolks, mix well and apply on to feed pellets, shade dry and broadcast. In sheep, goat, cattle, buffalo, horses and camels– 5-25ml per animal per day depending on animal type and condition. Or as recommended by the veterinarian.

Availability: 1ltr containers.