HepatoGen (Liver Tonic for Animal)
Liver Tonic for Animal

Brief Product Information
Contents: Lipotropic factors, methyl donors, metabolic activators, cholagogue agents and liver stimulants in a liver extract enriched base.

Uses: To maintain and promote liver health. Against toxicity and production slumps.

Suggested Usage: Feed Premix. ½ Kg per ton regularly. During slumps/stress/toxicity 1-2.5Kg for one week, followed by ½ Kg per ton. LIQUID – 5-10ml per 100 chicks, 10-20ml per 100 growers/broilers, 15-30ml per 100 birds, depending on observations. 2-5ml per sheep/goat and calves, 10-30ml per adult cattle, buffalo, horse and camel. In severe slump or toxicosis use higher dose. In chemical toxicity (especially thiram poisoning) 0.5ml per bird is advised for 3 days for faster recovery. OR as directed by the Veterinarian.

Availability: Feed Premix - 10Kg and 25Kg bags. Liquid - 1LtrX10, 5LtrX2 & 30/50 Ltr containers. (PS: For those countries/customers where LIVER EXTRACT is not acceptable– an alternate formula with B12, FOLIC ACID, INOSITOL & BIOTIN is available)

Variants Available: HepatoGen-DS; Hetatogen-Herbal.