ImproMin - G
The right supplement in all the wrong conditions

Brief Product Information
Contents: Each 10ml contains Lysine 640mg, Methionine 1280mg, Choline chloride 640mg, calcium 19 mg, Phosphorus 3.1mg, sodium 9.18mg, magnesium 11.9mg, zinc 4.32mg, Iron 4.48mg, copper 3.18mg, cobalt 4.12mg, manganese 7.7mg, in an energy rich supportive base.

Uses: As a growth/ performance booster.

Suggested Usage: 5-10ml per 100chicks, 10-15ml per 100 growers and layers, 20-30ml per 100 breeders. Broilers – at every changeover of diet – administer 5-15ml per 100birds. Sheep, goat and calves: 5-10ml per animal for a week. Adult cattle, buffalo, horse and camel 20-50ml per animal for a week.

Availability: 1LtrX10, 5LtrX, 30/50Ltr containers.

Also Available:ImproMin-G-Forte with high MHA Levels