3-way protection through feed

Brief Product Information
Contents: Each Kg contains Lincomycin 2.5%, Tinidazole 5% and Colistin 0.25% in a free flowing carrier base. Uses: LYNCOSTIN feed supplement is used for improving the body weight gain, egg production and feed efficiency. LYNCOSTIN is particularly used for the prevention of Necrotic Enteritis (Clostridial Infection), and other infections sensitive to Lincomycin/Tinidazole/Colistin. LYNCOSTIN has a broad spectrum antibacterial and antiprotozoal activity and is especially suitable for areas with higher feed/water contamination.

Suggested Usage: For improving weight gain and FCR: 250-500g per ton of feed. For prevention of Necrotic Enteritis and other infections: 500g-1Kg per ton of feed OR as recommended by the Veterinarian.

Availability: 1Kg X 25 pkts drum.