Thermostable E.coli Phytase for Poultry.

Brief Product Information
Contents: Assayable phytase activity of 2500+IUper gram in a natural biological base.

Uses: Economical & enviro-friendly replacement of DCP from monogastric feeds.

Suggested Usage: 25 grams of MicroPhos per Kg of DCP to be replaced, with due correction for calcium, up to a maximum 4-6Kgs DCP in chicks, broilers and breeders, 6-8Kg in growers and 8-10Kg in layers.

Precautions: DCP replacement with phytase should be planned carefully with considerationof the levels of fish, sunflower extractions and rice bran infeed formulation and age and phosphorus requirement of birds. Avoid underdosing/overdosing. Mixing is of utmost importance. Keep MicroPhos in a cool dry place. Once opened, transfer into an airtight container and keep closed.

Availability: 5KgX5 bag, 5KgX10 drum, 25Kg single bag.

Also Available: MicroPhos-2X (5000+IU/g) MicroPhos-2XG (5000+IU/g – Granular). 5KgX5 bag, 5KgX10 drum, 25Kg single bag.