Oral rehydration and homeostasis formula

Brief Product Information
Contents: High concentration of electrolytes (Na+, K+, Mg+, Cl-), buffers (Citrate, lactate, bicarbonate, phosphate), Osmolytes (glycine, betaine), Vitamin C and Lactobacillus in an energy rich base.

Uses: To reduce stress. To maintain fluid(water) balance / electrolyte balance / osmotic balance of the system for proper physiological functioning.

Suggested Usage: 1g in 3-5 ltrs of water for poultry. In severe stress with panting and mortality, increase the dosage for a short while to 1-2gm per liter of water till the problem subsides. Chicks – 50gms per 1000 birds per day dissolved in required quantity of water during 1st week. In aquaculture, during stress and mortality – apply about 10gms of Oralyte-S mixed in content of 1-2 eggs, apply over feed pellets, dry for 30 minutes and broadcast over the pond. Livestock. 10-50g per animal (based on body weight, severity of stress) mixed in drinking water, preferably with equal quantity of jaggery.

Availability: 200g, 500g, 1Kg pouches.

Also Availability: Oralyte-FS Feed Premix in 20Kg bags. Suggested usage 1Kg per ton of feed.