World over, poultry is the most economical and continuously available animal protein source. Yet, more than 70% of the cost of production of poultry is in its feeding. The rate of hike in the feed ingredient costs is much higher than that of the end product prices. Health and management expenditures are also going up continuously. Therefore, the products and systems capable of IMPROVING THE PERFORMANCE EFFICIENCY have become the basic necessity. With the interconnection between nutrition-health-performance being more clearly evident these days, Nutritional Health products have become indispensable.

Adventis has a wide range of nutritional, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products for application in poultry as given hereunder:-
HepatoGen DeleTox-FS NeuroStim ImproMin-G Stimmunol SupraZyme MicroPhos CombiZyme-S / CombiZyme-Spl Supramin-T SelMin-Spl Oralyte-S Favisol-ADEC Favisol++ Evitol-Se Evitol-Se-50 Recoliv AdMycin-DS Lyncos-11 Lyncostin Lyncos-N SupraVit-SF Fortis Zymis Zymis-360 Otis-10 Otis-20