Economy Liver Recuperation Supplement

Brief Product Information
Contents: Each 100ml contains Tricholine citrate 7500mg; Choline Chloride 7500mg; Lysine 1000mg; DL-Methionine 1000mg; Vitamin E 500mg with liver stimulant phytochemicals & cholagogues in supportive base.

Uses: As a regular supplement for maintaining liver functioning and productivity. To take care of the adverse effects exerted by toxins, metabolites day to day. For overall better performance.

Suggested Usage: 15-30ml per 100birds for 5-7 days depending on bird age, type, productivity and condition. Aqualculture – Mix 20-30ml of per Kg, mixed with 1-2 egg contents mix well and apply on to feed pellets, shade dry and broadcast. Cattle and buffalo: 30-50ml per animal for 5-7 days. Sheep & goat5-25ml per animal per day, depending on animal age, body weight and condition. Or as recommended by the veterinarian.

Availability: 1LtrX10, 5LtrX2 containers. 30/50Ltr drum.

Also Availability: Recoliv Forte.