Stimulates Immunity - Elicits Response

Brief Product Information
Contents: Glycine 100mg, Selenium 6mg, Vitamin E 35mg, Vitamin C 35mg, Sodium citrate 25mg, Potassium chloride 20mg, Magnesium sulphate 5mg, Manganese sulphate 7.5mg, Zinc sulphate 7.5mg, Vitamin B12 3mcg, in a base fortified with yeast extract, yeast nucleins, immunopolysaccharides, and natural phyto/biogenic immune enhancers.

Uses: For better immunity, better response to vaccines, reduced disease incidence, morbidity and mortality.

Suggested Usage: 5-10ml per 100chicks, 10-15ml per 100 growers and layers, 20-30ml per 100 breeders. Broilers – at every changeover of diet – administer 5-15ml per 100birds depending on bird age, bodyweight, health, growth condition, feed quality, stress etc. Sheep, goat and calves: 5-10ml per animal for a week. Adult cattle, buffalo, horse and camel 20-50ml per animal for about a week. Or as recommended by the veterinarian.

Availability: 1LtrX10, 5LtrX2 containers.